24 Dec

EDIMAX Print Server (PS 1216U) & Windows 8: Installing HP LaserJet 1018

I’ve recently decided to update my Windows 7 to Windows 8. And as most of the hardware my old Dell has worked properly with the new system, things got rough when I wanted to install my HP printer using Print Server Utilities from EDIMAX. Although they installed properly, there wasn’t any way to force it to find my print server on then Network (ping worked flawlessly). I googled for a while and found some old fashioned installation guide for EDIMAX Print Server from the year 2006. It turned out to be a piece of cake.

We start from launching Settings from the right slide-in menu.

Windows 8 right slide-in menu

Then we click Control Panel

Windows 8 Settings

Then simply View devices and printers
Windows 8 Hardware And Sound
Then Add a printer
Windows 8 Devices
We can skip automatic discovery, as there won’t be any results anyway. We choose The printer that I want isn’t listed.
Windows 8 Installing a new device

In the next dialog we choose Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings.
Windows 8 Printer Type
We decide to create a new port of type Standard TCP/IP Port.
Pinter Port
We type in the hostname which corresponds the IP of our EDIMAX Print Server ( in my case).
Port IP

Automatic discovery won’t find anything in this case too.
Discovering Printer

That’s why we resort to Custom settings.
Custom port configuration

We choose LPR Protocol and despite the fact that our Print Server has only a USB-Port, we type in Queue Name: lpt1.
Port Configuration - important lpt1

Once again we give him some time to think…

And after that we choose the driver for our printer. If our printer is not listed we can simply use a disk provided by the manufacturer. In this case we simply click Have Disk… and follow the instructions.
Picking device

We give our printer a name. Name it whatever you like.
Pinter name

Let’s not share it at the very beginning. You can always to that later, don’t worry.
Printer Sharing

We choose to print a test page and we’re ready to go.
Printing a test page

Again… we can give him some time.
Printing Test Page - Dialog

Et viola! It works!

You may sometimes notice the warning below, but don’t worry. The printer works despite of what it says.
Possible warning to ignore

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