24 Apr

BizTalk, WIF, WF Tutorial – Part 1.2 Setting up the environment – IDE

Although there’s much more than only one, there’s the one that fulfills all the needs and does not require any plumbing due to missing functions… Visual Studio Ultimate 2010. I admit, MSDN I was using when I was a student, was an amazing thing, allowing all the top-class MS software. Mainly because of that I am used to the best and hopefully Microsoft allowed us to fell that luxury for some evaluation time too. As the next step in our environment setup we download the evaluation version of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. Installation process is simple enough to simply skip all the screenshots & Next/Nexts. The only thing worth mentioning: install all the available features. There’s no need to come back and fix any mysterious and hard to find errors later.

Once we finished installing IDE, we can move forward and install the database server. See Part 1.3 for more details.

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