15 Jan

BizTalk: Receive Location (Isolated) on IIS Server and big messages

Whenever we’re trying to create an isolated Receive Location hosten in IIS we need to answer the question: How big messages should accept our WebService (classic or WCF). If we’re trying to receive messages with images or documents, we need to assure that our service is ready to accept those request. Otherwise our clients can receive instead of a confirmation, some error message that not always says anything about the configuration.

In order to adjust the request size we need to open Internet Information Services Manager. After selecting the application corresponding our WebService, we click on Configuration Editor.

IIS Server Manager - Configuration Editor

What we look for is the option httpRuntime.

IIS Manager - Configuration - httpRuntime

In the end, we look for maxRequestLength and set it to the value that suits our requirements. In my case it was the maximal allowed value: 2147483647