22 Oct

BizTalk and WIF: Receive location and port

As I promised a log time ago, I’ll try to describe in a few notes how I managed to federate BizTalk Server 2010 with StarterSTS and of course ADFS 2.0. One of the most important parts was forcing BizTalk to respect custom configuration files with proper bindings. It took me quite a while. But let’s make it step by step.

In order to start the orchestration that was responsible for the business process that I’ve automated, I needed a trigger. An orchestration is in BizTalk always triggered by the incoming message of the particular type. Exactly the same was in the one of my own. Therefore the situation was more interesting. Due to the SOA Paradigm I was using, I wanted to publish the orchestration as a WebService. This is of course possible in BizTalk. Moreover there are two options. ASP.NET WebService and WCF WebService. Knowing that my service needs to support the newest ws2007FederationHttpBinding that comes with Windows Identity Foundation, I used always the creator for WCF service.

Waht the most important is that in BizTalk 2010 the services can use two availible adapters:

  • the default one
  • Isolated adapter.

At the beginning I thought that it makes no difference which one I chose. But when I tried to modify the web.config published in the IIS by the creator, no changes were respected. As it turned out to be, the default adapter was hosted by BizTalk itself. Therefore the configuration corresponding to the web.config was stored somewhere else. And in the place not particularly available. The problem was that I needed to change the default settings and use the proper binding required by WIF.

As it turned out to be  changing the receive location to Isolated adapter (this means: the service is 100% IIS service and there installed & configured) resolved the problem. With these settings the web.config file could be aligned to the requirements. The configuration was now respected and federating BizTalk using ADFS  2.0 worked like a charm.

22 Oct

Here we go again…

The previous server has gone down. I purchased another one but unfortunately until now I haven’t enough time to setup the blog. Finally the time has come… We start again. I hope with regular posting. I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy posting!